Now Showing at Palace Cinema

from Fri 12th Feb until Thu 18th Feb

  • Zoolander 2

    Zoolander 2 | 12A 102 mins

    Showing from Fri 12th Feb nightly at 7.30pm & 4.00pm

    Everyone's favourite dim bulb male model is finally back for 'Zoolander 2', which sees Derek continue his search for something more important than being really, really, ridiculously good looking. Ten years after foiling the evil Mugatu's dastardly schemes in the first film, Derek Zoolander and Hansel McDonald are in Europe. They haven't changed, but the fashion world has changed around them, and they're rapidly becoming irrelevant. Reuniting Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson and Will Ferrell, 'Zoolander 2' welcomes Penelope Cruz and Kristen Wiig to the world of catwalks and constant pouting.

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  • Dad's Army

    Dad's Army | PG 96 mins

    Showing from Fri 12th Feb nightly at 6.00pm & 8.00pm

    In the darkest days of the Second World War, when Britain stood alone and on the brink of defeat, 'Dad's Army' was the country's last line of defence. With the regular soldiers needed at the Front, the British brass created the Home Guard in case the Germans invaded. Sadly, they weren't exactly the elite force that was probably needed: with the exception of one 'stupid boy', they were mostly old, bumbling and not particularly useful in a fight. The classic sitcom gets the remake treatment for 'Dad's Army', with an all-star cast including Toby Jones, Bill Nighy and Michael Gambon. Don't panic!

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  • Capture the Flag

    Capture the Flag | PG 94 mins

    Showing Daily till 14th Feb Starting at 2.00pm

    Mike Goldwing is an ordinary boy who happens to be the son and grandson of NASA astronauts. 'Capture The Flag' follows his attempts to get to the Moon himself. Mike's grandfather was supposed to go up on the last Moon mission, but missed out. He's been bitter and withdrawn ever since. But now, with NASA planning another Moon landing, he has his chance to fulfil his dream. And Mike plans to stow away... 'Capture The Flag' is a heart-warming family animation for anyone who's ever dreamed of going into space.

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  • Goosebumps

    Goosebumps | PG 103 mins

    Showing Daily Starting at 1.30pm (till 14th Feb) & 4.00pm

    Zach's life takes an unexpected turn for the better when he meets the beautiful girl next door, Hannah. Unfortunately, her father is R.L. Stine, the author of the 'Goosebumps' books. It turns out that Stine's manuscripts are magical - the monsters that he made famous are kept locked away inside them. When Zach accidentally unleashes them, it's up to him to put the Abominable Snowman, a werewolf and a giant praying mantis back where they belong. The beloved books get the long-awaited adaptation they deserve with 'Goosebumps', a film for the whole family to be frightened by!

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