The Palace Cinema was refurbished in September 2011 with new world class theatre seating to ensure maximum audience enjoyment and comfort.

Progressive investment in the Palace Cinema has developed its state of the art facilities. Digital Projectors giving an enhanced viewing experience were installed in 2010 enabling 3D movie projection, with 3D movie goers experiencing the full effects using the cinemas special 3D glasses.


The modern seating has a tilt seat for an easier movement in the seat rows and arms with drinks holders for a better cinema experience.

Screen One: 293 seats
Screen Two: 95 seats


Surround Features: Left, right and centre speakers are located behind the perforated screen. Surround speakers are visible, located around the theatre walls.

Screen One: Dolby Digital Surround Sound
Screen Two: Dolby S.R.


Screen One: Projector Details: DP 1500, Xenon Lamp: Osram DHP 3K, Video Server: Dolby DSS 200, 3D Control: Dolby 3D

Screen Two: Projector Details: DP 1200, Xenon Lamp: Osram DHP 2K, Video Server: Dolby DSS 200, 3D Control: 3D Colour wheel


The availability of both wide screen ratios 2.35 to 1 and 1.85 to 1 are made possible by the use of motorised screen masking.




screen two

Coming Soonshow all

No Time To Die  | TBC

Showing from: Thu 30th Sept

Nightly at TBA

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Venom: Let There Be Carnage  | TBC

Showing from: Fri 15th Oct

Nightly at TBA

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Eternals  | TBC

Showing from: Fri 5th Nov

Nightly at TBA

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Ghostbusters: Afterlife  | TBC

Showing from: Fri 19th Nov

Nightly at TBA

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Spider-Man: No Way Home  | TBC

Showing from: Fri 17th Dec

Nightly at TBA

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Ticket Prices

Normal Showings

Adult: £10

Child (up to 11 years): £7.5

3D / 2D Showings
Box Office

Open Daily: from 5pm

Telephone: 3.00pm to 8.30pm daily on 682773 or 682778

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