Frequently Asked Questions

Detailed answers to questions frequently asked about our services and facilities.

Age-restricted films do i require proof of age?

The cinema will be violating the terms of its license (issued by the local authority) if it admits underage children to age-restricted films. Box office staff are within their rights to request proof of age of customers if they believe a child to be underage. Likewise, they can refuse to admit a customer if age cannot be proven, or ID is unsatisfactory.

What does the '12A' category mean in practice?

Children under the age of 12 will be able to see a '12A' film at the cinema if they are accompanied by a person of 18 years or over. The adult must watch the film with the child or children and not just pay for the ticket.

Does this mean that very young children could see a '12A' film?

Only if an accompanying adult accepts responsibility. The BBFC & Palace Cinema considers the content of a '12A' film to be suitable for children of 12 and over. We would not recommend taking very young children to see '12A' films, but parents or guardians must decide whether the film is suitable for their child or children.

It's Tuesday Why Can't I Book Two Weeks Ahead?

The cinema week runs from Friday to Thursday. At the beginning of the week the previous weekend's audience numbers are analysed and a decision is taken on whether we keep a film playing. You can now keep up to date with what's on at as well as at the online booking facility.

Is There Allocated Seating?

Allocated seating is available for all performances except matinees. With our system in place you can pick your own seats when booking online!

Can I Be Certain I'll Get The Best Seats?

Our website booking system, lets you select your exact position in the auditorium via our online seating plans (seating plans - not available on some Apple devices). All seats are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis when booking via telephone or at the box office.

Do You Have Disabled Facilities?

We are ready to start work on this project but, due to the considerable capital investment involved and the significant structural alterations required to the building, we need to be sure that they will comply with Isle of Man legislation when it comes into force. The cinema is therefore currently waiting for the Isle of Man Government to release details of the proposed legislation.

Why Can't I Get Through On The Telephone?

Telephone bookings can be made between 3.00pm to 8.30pm daily on 682773 or 683778. We welcome personal callers during opening times. To avoid disappointment please use the online booking facility which is available 24 hours a day. Queries must be in person at the box office.

Do You Accept Debit And Credit Cards?

Yes! Required for all telephone and internet bookings. Also accepted at the Box Office.

Can I Purchase Tickets In Bulk For A Promotion?

Yes! Just contact us to discuss your requirements.

Our website and telephone booking system will only allow a maximum sale of 10 seats in one transaction. However if, for example, you require 20 tickets you can make two seperate booking of 10 or call into the box office during opening hours where there is no maximum purchase.

Can I Hire The Cinema?

Yes! We can provide conference and meeting facilities during the day AND you can reserve the entire auditorium for an exclusive evening performance! Contact us to find out what we can offer your company or organisation. As we are part of the Palace Hotel & Casino complex we can offer accommodation, meals, bars and entertainment in addition to the Cinema Auditorium.

Are you able to show 3D films?


Can I take the 3D glasses home with me?

No, the 3D glasses remain the property of The Palace Cinema and are loaned to the movie goer to view 3D films and must be returned at the end of the film.

If other people are using the 3D glasses how do I know they are hygienic?

After each show the 3D glasses are thoroughly and hygienically washed and dried before being used again. This process takes more than one hour.

Why do you have booking fees?

The fee guarantees your seat or seats in popular screenings.

How much are the booking fees?

The booking fee is 25p per ticket purchased for online bookings.

Booking fees are non-refundable.

Why cant I take hot drinks into the screens?

We do not allow hot drinks into the screens at anytime due to health and safety reasons. We also do not sell hot drinks.

Why cant I take my backpack into the screens?

We do not allow backpacks or oversized bags, into the screens at anytime due to health and safety reasons. This also includes Prams and Trolley Bags.


1. The use of moblie phones in our auditoriums is strictly prohibited. If you are caught using your moblie phone then you will be asked to leave. This is a piracy concern and also shows complete lack of respect to fellow cinema-goers.

2. Children must remain seated for the duration of the feature performance with exception only to restroom or refreshment breaks. Please understand that the cinema is not a playground and that anyone roaming around the auditoriums during the performance severely ruins the other guests viewing experience.

3. Making noise, disrupting a performance or partaking in any other form of anti-social behaviour in the cinema will also result in you being asked to leave. In most cases you will also be asked not to return.

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